Why I Wrote: An Explanation of my Stories

“Why I wrote” is going to be a section where I write about each of my published works (which can be found here on Amazon) and the ideas behind them. I will cover topics like how I came up with the plot of my stories and even what made me pick the names of them.

I find that I encounter something new with each of my stories when it comes to the writing process and it’s very exciting for me, so i’d like to share it with you as well. Some stories have just a name and absolutely no plot points worked out. Some stories seem to be completely fleshed out in my mind while they don’t even have a title.

Others I just sit down and start writing with no ideas and it all comes out. Writing is such a fantastic process that is unique to each and every one of us. For example, I love listening to music while writing and editing, while for many that would be incredibly distracting.

I have a ton of short story and novel ideas that I can’t wait to get out there. I will say now that these blogs will have spoilers for the stories they cover. I will touch on major plot points throughout these entries. At the top of each new blog post I will put a spoiler warning to remind you that you should read the story before reading the blog. Unless you like spoilers that is, or want an idea of what type of story it is. It’s your choice!

Reading and writing is such a wonderful thing and I love talking and connecting with others when it comes to these topics. I’m excited to expand my library so I can keep putting out blogs about my writing, the process of it and how my ideas came to fruition.

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